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Little Elk.

A New Home for

Love Our Community.

Love Our Community, a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, has been bringing hope
to Lake Township families and individuals since 2016. We purchased the building
at 1116 Woodland St. with a desire to transform it into an area to care for
neighbors in need of tangible help and relationships and to create a place to serve
We are deeply disappointed that we are unable to continue all aspects of our
mission at this location. The many unforeseen roadblocks we have encountered
have made us realize that we are a strong organization and that we are able to
continue serving our community, but not from this site.
Very soon we will be revealing our exciting new plans for our future and the
future of those we serve. Awareness of the struggles in our community has grown
in the past few years. We are so grateful to the many individuals, families,
business, and churches who have donated financially and to those who have
given their time and talents bringing so much hope to so many. It is so true that
“It takes us ALL” to make a difference. We continue each day to achieve our goals
of connecting neighbors, raising awareness of the community’s needs, cultivating
relationships, building trust, and restoring hope. 
As of August 2020, we have sold the Woodland property.
Please learn how you can join us in our mission to become a community that serves together to address
the unseen needs of our neighbors.

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